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Wigan Council

Question: what does the wigan council actually do?

Asked by emmar to Gary, Paul on 15 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Gary WilkesGary Wilkes answered on 15 Oct 2010:

    hi emmar … lots of things. there are lots of departments who deal with specific situations. for a start the council has a budget of £3billion to spend on education, health, transport, care for the elderly, leisure facilities, libraries … without this money we would have nothing in our area of both Wigan and Leigh.

    Thanks Gary.


  • Photo: Paul TushinghamPaul Tushingham answered on 15 Oct 2010:

    Wigan Council provide all you need in the local area: bins being emptied; roads resurfaced; street lights; schools…………. more than you realise. Have a look at the web site.