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Wigan Council

Question: what kind of diffrences have you made?

Asked by hollym to Gary, James, Paul, Sean on 12 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Paul TushinghamPaul Tushingham answered on 12 Oct 2010:

    I have brought about some major changes in my area of Ashton. New roads; pavements; park improvements; social events; saving fields from being built upon. I am pleased to have been able to influence changes in the area I live and represent.


  • Photo: James CowleyJames Cowley answered on 12 Oct 2010:

    Many changes, new playground, supporting new street cleaning, and pavements.


  • Photo: Gary WilkesGary Wilkes answered on 12 Oct 2010:

    Hi Holly,
    I would like to think i have made a differance to my area , Wigan and Leigh as well.
    I have done lots of good things to enrich the people of this borough.
    Cleaned up grot spots, remove Graffiti and helped the elderly.
    I was one of the first Councillors to Bring Wigan Ath football in the Community to my area to do sports with kids of all ages, I was also responsable for bringing one of the biggest Chrtismas tree’s to Wigan which has been in Bryn for the past few years..we even had a visit from Father Chritmas one year, everyone loved it.
    I hope to do more…Thanks for your question. Regards Gary