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Wigan Council

Question: How do you make sure that the environment is safe for us to live in?

Asked by eb11 to Gary, James, Paul, Sean on 12 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Paul TushinghamPaul Tushingham answered on 12 Oct 2010:

    We need to ensure that peopl do not pollute the air we breath (car smoke emissions); the water we drink (chemical leaks for example) and that we dont litter the fields we use. Its a big challenge but a firm must do.


  • Photo: James CowleyJames Cowley answered on 12 Oct 2010:

    We can all work together, to make sure all our children are educated to look after the environment.


  • Photo: Gary WilkesGary Wilkes answered on 12 Oct 2010:

    Hi , Well, I sat for five years on the Councils Environmental Pannel which has a direct effect on you, your family and your School.
    I supported the new bins we all have for green waste, we are now going to get another bin which will be Blue, this is for Tetra Packs and paper.
    I just wish someone would invent a system for all our recycable’s, do you think you could come up with something? perhaps I could put this to the Council if you did.
    Thanks for your question