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Question: are sats still going or are they not happening anymore

Asked by xxtweenyxx to Gary on 4 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Gary WilkesGary Wilkes answered on 4 Oct 2010:

    Hi Tweeny, you do ask a lot of good questions… SATS are still going.. They play a big part in a Childs development and are a way of placing a bench mark on how good a School they are attending. Some people do not like SATS but we do need to check on how a School and students are doing and at present the only way is by SATS. Good one…
    SATS stands for Standard Achievements Tests..



  • Photo: JamesJames commented on 5 Oct 2010:

    My personal opinion is that more needs to be done to gain a balance with what the teacher say, and what the SATS reveal.