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Wigan Council

Who is the first to be evicted in I’m a Councillor?


It’s been an exciting week in I’m a Councillor! The students have voted, the votes are all counted, and the results are in.

The first councillor to leave will be…

James Cowley

Good luck to all the survivors!

Students, KEEP VOTING! The next eviction takes place tomorrow at 3pm. Don’t forget to VOTE for the councillor you want to WIN!


The I’m a Councillor team


  • Photo: JamesJames commented:

    The irony is unimaginable, good luck to my colleagues.

  • Photo: molliepopmolliepop commented:

    Sorry james I think you had some brilliant suggestions.

  • Photo: GaryGary commented:

    Thanks James..you put up a good fight.. :)

  • Photo: xxabbiexxxxabbiexx commented:

    good luck to all of the colleagues

  • Photo: ponymadponymad commented:

    soz u went out james and sean and goodluck 2 gary and paul i wonder who gets it ???

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